Do you know someone who is struggling with an addiction (Alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medication, gambling, co-dependency, gaming, over eating, exercise, sexual and relationship dysfunction)?

Please call our trained and professional team on 0300 030 33 33 for a private and confidential conversation.

Admissions can be arranged for any day of the week, sometimes we require just a few hours notice as we understand how important it is to act upon the motivation to get the treatment required, and begin the first steps towards successful recovery.

Upon arrival you will be seen and assessed by one of the highly experienced team, shown around the house, introduced to the other residents and helped to settle into the routine of the Recovery Hub. For anyone requiring a detoxification you will be seen and assessed by one of our qualified specialists and a comprehensive detoxification regime will be designed to best meet your needs.

All other medical issues will also be assessed and medication made available.

The Recovery Hub Ipswich has excellent links with the local midwifery service, with expert treatment on hand we are able to offer detoxification in the second trimester of pregnancy in a safe and supportive environment.

“We believe that everyone has the capacity to recover”