Carry the Message – July edition

To read July’s addition of ‘Carry the Message’ where Simon Aalders, our Director, talks about the hub on its 2 year birthday and Christopher Dines our resident mindfulness practitioner and author has written an article on being mindful of the … Read More

RHI – Two Years Old

The Recovery Hub Ipswich is now two years in operation. It’s been an all consuming journey so I must thank my family for their patience and tolerance of the long hours, challenging times and lack of time off! That said … Read More

When you wake up, make your bed.

Our success at The Recovery Hub Ipswich never seems to amaze me. We have old clients phoning up and telling us how they have progressed over the months since their graduation. We have new clients eager to learn about the … Read More

Being Mindful of The Inner Critical Voice

Most of us have an inner critical voice which diminishes our self-worth and self-esteem. This unrelenting mental commentary can be maddening at times. In the late 1970s Adult Children of Alcoholics & Dysfunctional Families (a 12-step programme) identified this is … Read More

N.A. has finally arrived in the Hub..!

What a great weekend here at the Recovery Hub Ipswich. A few weeks ago we started a new Mutual Aid Meeting, for me, the best fellowship which is N.A. Now we have 3 internal meetings at the Hub, Tuesday A.A., … Read More

Good day to you all.

Good day to you all. It’s been a really busy time here at the Recovery Hub Ipswich over the last few days. So unfortunately I haven’t had the time to write like I would normally have done. We have a … Read More

Visiting ex-clients

Today has been a really good day today at the Recovery Hub Ipswich. We have had a visit from two old clients who came as a part of our Aftercare Program. They are doing extremely well in their recovery after … Read More

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