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The 27th London convention, an experience I can’t wait to share with you. On arrival, we received our personalized lanyards, print out of the programme as well as a warm welcome from the committee members, all of which reaffirmed this … Read More

Visit from the National Citizenship Service

We have the National Citizenship Service here this week helping us keep the Hub looking good! After a bit of rapid fundraising they are now renovating some of our outside tables, repainting a wall, a bit of gardening and re … Read More

RHI – Two Years Old

The Recovery Hub Ipswich is now two years in operation. It’s been an all consuming journey so I must thank my family for their patience and tolerance of the long hours, challenging times and lack of time off! That said … Read More

When you wake up, make your bed.

Our success at The Recovery Hub Ipswich never seems to amaze me. We have old clients phoning up and telling us how they have progressed over the months since their graduation. We have new clients eager to learn about the … Read More

N.A. has finally arrived in the Hub..!

What a great weekend here at the Recovery Hub Ipswich. A few weeks ago we started a new Mutual Aid Meeting, for me, the best fellowship which is N.A. Now we have 3 internal meetings at the Hub, Tuesday A.A., … Read More

Good day to you all.

Good day to you all. It’s been a really busy time here at the Recovery Hub Ipswich over the last few days. So unfortunately I haven’t had the time to write like I would normally have done. We have a … Read More

Honest Feedback!

It’s been a few days since I last sat down and did some writing for the Recovery Hub Ipswich blog. That is because over the last week we have been extremely busy. Most of our old clients have graduated, which … Read More

More to learn

Today we had another successful secondary group. It seems that more clients are extending here at Recovery Hub Ipswich, so they can prepare themselves for when they finally graduate from treatment. Today we focused on daily planners and how getting … Read More

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