Employers are finding that addiction in its many guises affect their organisations in a number of ways:

Punctuality/Absenteeism, Long term sickness, Performance, Erratic behaviour, Accidents and Incidents

Many organisations now have policies on testing.

Lapses of concentration where employee or public safety is at risk can potentially be fatal. However, having a policy on its own only identifies the problem, it doesn’t necessarily solve it. Employers who offer assistance through access to treatment are also encouraging employees with problems to come forward. Early Intervention and effective treatment can lead to key staff being retained.

We can accept an employee for treatment as the need arises but we can add value by working with you to develop a process to access assistance which is considerate and efficient. We are able to provide education and training for your staff so that potential problems can be identified earlier and successful interventions made. If you wish to discuss treatment please call 0300 030 33 33

“We believe that everyone has the capacity to recover”